What You Didn’t Know About Umrah

With similar sequences of worship, Umrah is also often referred to as small hajj. There are also those who consider the prefix for the pilgrimage. If you pay for the pilgrimage, it’s long enough, well, if we do umrah worship, we don’t need to wait too long to be able to go to Mecca. Go to www.hajjandumrah.com/umrah-packages when you have the plan for Umrah or Hajj and get ready for the worship in Mecca!

The Grand Mosque is the place people use for Umrah worship, the current area is three hundred and sixty-five thousand square meters. In 2020, the mosque area is approximately 597250 square meters. If you go to the Grand Mosque in addition to the Hajj season, this place can be for about 900 thousand worshipers. But, when the pilgrimage season, the Grand Mosque can be for 2 million people. In fact, now, the capacity of the mosque has only been upgraded to fill up to four million worshipers.