Two simple tricks for saving your mobile internet quota

The auto-sync feature of your gadget works to update the latest email automatically. Actually, this feature is very easy for you, because you can immediately get a notification when there is an email that comes, but this feature makes the use of internet quota so wasteful. The gadget will always update every few moments and it takes up your internet quota. To save credit, you can turn off this auto-sync feature and manually update new email. To save frugally it must be a little effort. In the meantime, you may also need to visit if you must convert your mobile credit into money.

In addition, there are now many places that provide free wifi facilities. In order to save the mobile credit, you should use the facility. Using wifi will greatly help you in frugality, you could say you are surfing for free. Also, take advantage of the wifi facility to install the latest updates on your gadget and download. These two activities if done using data mode will be very wasteful, therefore do not do both of these things while using data mode. Anyway, take advantage of wifi as much as possible if you want to save money.