Choice of Ombre Hair Color

Today many women are interested in coloring their hair, you can visit our website and find Hairstyles for Black Women. There are a variety of techniques for coloring hair, and one that is being hit and phenomenal among teenagers in the world, even Hollywood artists today is the ombre hair dye technique. This coloring technique will make hair ladies look more beautiful and beautiful. Ombre color itself is an innovation from the concept of shading when makeup, shading on the face by giving the illusion of shadow by giving dark effects in certain areas. Now whereas in ombre hair means giving the illusion of a shadow by giving the effect of dark colors on the roots of the hair and colors getting brighter in the middle to the ends of the hair. So as to produce hair with gradation colors that blend softly without any striking color transfer.

But before doing the coloring, you should first know what color choices are suitable for the body’s skin, because this will support your appearance.

– Pink and Purple

Both colors are highly recommended for those of you who are dark or tone warm. But please note the pink color here is not like a pink socking on a Barbie doll, but it is softer with a gradation to purple.

– Born to Light

This color choice fits perfectly with all types of skin colors. This color feature is the brown color at the base of the hair and the brighter the end.

– Blue and Green

Recommended next ombre hair color is blue to green or vice versa. For those of you who have white or fair yellow colors can do this coloring with bright colors. As for warm to dark, try mixing blue with darker shades of green or purple.

– Ash / Gray

A model of ombre hair color that is being loved in this community must be done with the correct coloring, because if it will not produce a yellowish and ugly color. For those of you who are white, it is perfect if you are bolder by doing ombre from solid black to white as white as milk. While for warm to dark it is highly recommended to choose ash brown (there is a little black) this will make your skin more radiant.