Range Rover Sentinel, Unmatched Security!

The figure is like any other 4×4 car, but the latest Range Rover model is described as a “moving castle.” Range Rover Sentinel armor can withstand bullet and explosion shots while keeping passengers relatively comfortable when fired by shots. With such security features, this Range Rover price will soar to the US $ 446,000. The company, based in Oxfordshire, UK, said the vehicle would be a perfect fit for billionaires and statesmen facing the risk of kidnapping, this SUV provides the highest level of protection against various attacks. It can withstand caliber fire at 7.62mm at high speed, thanks to steel-coated passenger cells made of super-high strength steel and bulletproof glass.
Reinforced floors and roofs will keep passengers safe from bursts of bombs and grenades weighing 15 kg. There is even a special window so documents can be delivered safely. Imagine not how if you drive a car with this superpower? Moreover, security is not questionable. It would be great for you to have this car in hand, just by clicking on www.rangerovercarhire.com you will get your dream Range Rover and also a very very convincing safety substance.

This powerful car has a three-liter V6 supercharged gasoline engine with 8-speed automatic ZF transmission, as well as high-density brake pads to ensure it can speed up and stop under pressure. Range Rover is one of the most incredible Range Rovers ever produced, As for some of the advantages you can get by driving using the Range Rover is the ability to traverse the streets are not good enough with an aggressive car design, far from the old impression and classic car-style Range Another Rover, has reliability and reliability of a reliable car. Range Rover fuel consumption is not too extravagant. Comparison of Range Rover fuel consumption is very much and has a feature of luxury and sporty. Sufficient security system, excellent damping, Ground Clearance is high enough and no need to be afraid of sleeping cops. You do not have to hesitate to use Range Rover as your travel companion, because Range Rover has everything your rider needs!