The three common types of shots in golf

There are three common types of shots that new golfers must master, and we ‘re going to share them with you in this article. On the other hand, you may visit when you need to find a good golf course in Bangkok.

Tee Shot

Tee shot is the first blow by the player from teeing ground (the initial place to hit the ball that is directed towards the hole). Players usually use the driver stick type to do this punch. Driver types such as 1-wood are often used for long-distance holes while for short-distance holes iron sticks are used.

Fairway Shot

After the golfer does a tee shot, it is usually followed by a punch from the fairway or from the tall grass. the type of golf stick used for this punch technique is an iron stick or wedge. For fairway short shot under 100 meters, golf sticks that are usually used are wedge sticks.

Whereas for medium range meters to 160 meters, players usually use sticks for high-accuracy punches. Not even a few golfers who use wood or hybrid type sticks to punch with a distance of more than 160 meters. Some types of golf clubs that are often used in this punch technique are iron 3-9, wood 3, wood 5, hybrid 3, hybrid 4 and hybrid 5.


Putting technique is a blow in golf that is done using a putter. The aim of this blow is to make the ball roll smoothly on the green surface into the hole.