Do these two preparations when holding a bazaar

for business owners, one of the things they have to think about is marketing for the business. If this has been done, then they can develop their business well. One of the right marketing methods is to hold a bazaar event. However, at the event, don’t forget it’s the right tent. You can get it at

In the bazaar, there are some preparations that you must prepare, such as

1. The appropriate size of the tent
What are the stand size of length, width, and height? Does the partition cover all sides of the stand? Adjust to the properties and decorations that you have and don’t forget also some of the products that you have to store there.

2. The existence of paper with the words sold out or restock
Is the paper distributed at each stand so that it can be used at any time when sold-out or restock? Or is the committee brought and you have to find them later? How do I find the documentation team when it’s sold out?