Choosing the right topic for an essay

What is an essay? Is it easy or hard? If what we mean is to write a diary, yes, it is quite easy. However, writing in an academic context is not easy. Especially if we intend to write assignments for school abroad. Why? Since most of the writing structures requested by classes in Anglo-Saxon countries (eg Australia) are essentially non-use argumentative essays in most countries. In the meantime, you may also need to visit essay typer to find a help to write your essays.

So what is an argumentative essay in question?

The argumentative essay is an article that contains a debatable issue, or in its English term called a debatable issue. In essence, we are asked to write an essay that contains our responses, opinions, and positions on those issues. So, like arguing, but in writing. Should we take a position? Yes, it should be. What position? Can be conned, can pro. Can it be neutral? Hmmm if neutral means we have no position. However, we can write down our degree of agreement. Eg depending on something (must be explained).

Define the essay topic

The first step that we do in making the essay is to find a topic that we will develop into an essay. In the context of lectures/assignments, essay questions are usually given by lecturers. So, to make an essay, it means we answer the essay question with argumentative, not just descriptive. This means we must convince the essay (lecturer / IELTS tester) about our answer. Surely every argument must be followed by evidence (evidence) in the form of data, statistics, expert opinion, research results, media, and so on. (I will discuss in another post). Keep in mind that this topic is usually a debatable issue in our field.

The thing to remember is that there are some issues that can be debated, there are non-debatable issues. For example: “The earth is one of the planets in the solar system, as you agree?” This topic is certainly a topic that is not debatable because the facts already explain the facts.