Latest Digital Marketing Trend You Should Know

Digital marketing is actually quite complex, large, and dynamic. With the widespread use of social media and technological developments in the digital realm, digital marketing strategies have also changed. Even though you have chosen the right social media marketing services that can help you achieve the best result, make sure you will also consider the digital marketing trend.


Then, what’s the face of digital marketing this year? We have summarized eight digital marketing trends that are expected to become more popular by the year 2018. Online video is one of the fastest growing advertising channels. This requires different brands to create high-quality content. The video with the best content that can steal the attention of many consumers will be the winner. Throughout 2017, ninety percent of the content shared on the internet is video-shaped. Cisco also predicts this number will continue to increase in 2018.

– The world in the video

Through video, you can convey an interesting story, easy to understand and make your message more easily embedded in the minds of consumers. Approximately 64 percent of consumers even decide to buy a product after seeing the promotional video on social media. To create content that stands out in the crowded video content, you need to first understand the target behavior or the consumer you want to target. Some aspects you need to know include:

– Collaboration with influencers

Younger consumers on average prefer “non-contrived” content and feel natural. Sponsored-featured content packaged soft-selling and as recommended by influencers has proven to be quite effective. Unlike advertising, influencers are able to promote products authentically and more personally. They give the impression that a product is good, and can build trust with the follower. Thus, the follower can be convinced to choose the product.

– Increase engagement via chatbot

Good customer service will make a person’s confidence in a brand increase. Consequently, people will be loyal to your product or service, even recommend it to others. The chatbot is designed to support customer service and can provide information in a short time. When consumers need instant access to product information or complain, chatbots can accommodate that.