Here are the things you must know about the circuit training

This exercise can improve the overall fitness of the body simultaneously, namely power components, endurance, speed, flexibility, mobility and other components. In this Zirkeltraining program is usually used machine tools, hydraulic equipment, hand load and usually the distance of each station 15 seconds to 3 minutes to keep the muscles are not tired. The forms of exercise in a circuit are a combination of all physical elements. The exercises can be running up and down stairs, running sideways, backward, throwing balls, hitting balls with rackets, jumping, various forms of weight training and so on. A form of training is usually arranged in a circle.

The exercise of this circuit, based on the assumption that an athlete will be able to develop his strength, endurance, agility and total fitness by:

Do as much work as possible within a certain timeframe.

Perform a number of jobs or exercises in the shortest possible time.

Bompa (1994) suggests that in developing circuit training programs should take into account the following characteristics:

The short circuit consists of 6 exercises, normally composed of 9 exercises and along consisting of 12 exercises. The total duration of exercise between 10-30 minutes, usually done three rounds.

Physical needs must be increased progressively and individually. Because a set consists of posts, an important exercise is made, some athletes are included simultaneously.

Circuits should be structured for the muscles in turn.

The need for training needs to be carefully regulated with regard to the time or number of repetitions performed.

Increase the elements of the exercise, time to do the circuit can be reduced without changing the number of replicates or loads, or increase the load or the number of replications.

Because a set consists of posts, an important exercise is made, some athletes are included simultaneously.

The rest interval between the circuits is approximately two minutes but may change according to the athlete’s needs. The pulse method can be used to calculate the break interval. If the pulse rate is below 120 times, an advanced circuit can be started.