Tips to Get the Movie Theater Ticket

What do you expect from AMC ticket prices? If you want to invite a couple to watch a movie, it’s a shame if you arrive at the window, the movie you want to watch is sold out! Well, your plan to watch can still be done, by following the trick of watching the cinema below!

1. Buy online

Many movie theaters have provided online services and you can also choose your own seat. The trick is also easy, just open the website of each cinema that you want, then just select the desired movie, broadcast time and seating position. The payment system can use credit and debit cards. Or if you don’t have both, you can also use a point system.

2. Message via SMS

You can use an application that will make it easier for you to get tickets to watch movies in theaters. Not just websites, but also serve via SMS and telephone. Viewers only have to register as M-Tix members in the cinema and deposit a minimum balance of Rp 150 thousand. After that, the audience can immediately access and book tickets via SMS. Remember first, there is also an administrative fee that you can see the latest info on the website.

3. Search on Social Media

Already tight with watching hours, and running out of tickets? Don’t worry, your desire to keep watching can be realized. Often there are people who don’t watch and resell their tickets. How to? You just have to search on social media like Twitter and enter the keyword “Sell Movie tickets” and hopefully you can match a movie that you want to watch!

4. Choose a quiet cinema
Instead of ordering tickets in a movie theater that is definitely crowded like in a mall, try going to “independent” cinemas that are usually not crowded. The price is cheap and far compared to watching in theaters in the Mall.

5. Join the quiz & giveaway

Have you not been patient to watch the movie you’re waiting for? There is a trick to being the first to watch and get a free ticket! You can follow the film social media, artists and film producers. Also be diligent in listening to the radio, usually a movie ticket will be distributed and meet & greet the movie player as well.