Protecting your kids from the bad side of social media

As technology and smartphones grow more and more, parents have an additional duty to protect or keep children active with the internet and social media safe. In some ways the internet can be good for children, so the role of parents should be active in educating them about the ethical culture of the internet well. Meanwhile, you may want to check out Carrie’s review as well.

Here are some guidelines for parents to keep children from the dangers of cyberbullying through the internet and social media.

1. Parents should understand social media

British parenting and psychotherapist Amy Morin recommends parents to take the time to understand the intricacies and differences between social media actively used by the child.

“Understanding and understanding the various social media platforms that are popular will make parents understand how it works and they must have an account to feel directly experience in every social media,” he said. This is necessary because according to Amy each social media has a different risk, so parents also need experience and understanding better.

He mentioned some of the active and popular social media used by children, namely Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, Path, and Line.

2. So a good example

Parents should be role models for children in everything, including in social media. So you as a good example for children, always update your social media account as a means to train children using social media well as well.

3. Limit the child’s age to have a social media account

It would be wise for parents to forbid their children to be active in social media on the grounds that they are not old enough. But badly they will create a ‘secret profile’ on social media if it gets the ban.

Mark Zuckerberg’s social media has given the age limit of 13 years to create an account on Facebook. Parents should also actively monitor what children reveal on their profiles, lest they put up indecent photos or provocative words in them.