Car Improvement Tricks You Can Try Out

Perhaps, you have your own way to define 0-60 times when it comes to the use of vehicle namely car and its performance. Every person who owns a car, wants his car to have more performance. Whether it’s a new car or an old car, you definitely want a car that can survive and even increase. Since improving the car’s performance isn’t easy, you should know these tricks.


Pay attention to the condition of the car tires

The first thing you can pay attention to in improving the performance of a car is car tires. Often, when you drive a car, you do a sudden walk in a sandy and slippery area, then the car immediately slips. This is usually caused by the condition of tires that have tire threads getting thinner and run out. Therefore, it is highly recommended to replace the outside tire to improve the performance of your car, because the replacement of the tire will give a very significant difference.

Regularly change oil

In new cars usually, oil changes are scheduled in a particular kilometer or month. But you can change the oil when the car pulls down. If you want to increase the attraction and performance of your car, you can try using higher quality oil. Although the price can be more expensive than usual oil, a significant difference can be felt from the smooth rotation to a more stable engine temperature.

Pay attention to the default load

An excessive load is a bad thing, even an enemy can be said for a car that is not a type of SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) or crossover car that has a high load carrying capacity. The burden is said to be the enemy, because it can burden the performance of the engine, thus reducing engine performance. Overcoming this, you do not need to replace all parts of the car with lightweight materials. The way that can be done to overcome this problem is to reduce the default burden that is not needed.